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  • Determined To Do More

    Determined to do more is a riveting autobiographical account of one of Ghana’s foremost Marketing personalities. It tells the story of how George N. K. Andah, moved from studying biochemistry at the undergraduate level to making great impacts in the marketing sphere of the Ghanaian economy. From his work at Media Majigue, through to his work at Guinness Ghana, SSB, MTN, Airtel and Glo, to becoming a Member of Parliament (MP) and a Minister of State, George N. K. Andah carries the reader through the power of focus, persistence, and determination.

    Is it worthwhile to leave a very respectable corporate profession to get involved in active politics? Determined to do more takes you through the journey of how one man sacrificed it all just so he can serve his people. The book gives a first-hand account of the ails and aches of Ghanaian politics and public service.

  • Rob Milne: A Tribute to a Pioneering AI Scientist, Entrepreneur and Mountaineer

    Rob Milne was a remarkable man. He died of a heart attack on the 5th of June 2005 while climbing Mount Everest in Nepal. Milne (48) lived an active life: combining his three ‘careers’ seemingly effortlessly. He was a hi-tech entrepreneur, an AI researcher and a passionate mountaineer. Mount Everest was last on his list of the highest summits on each continent. He was only 400 meters from the top when he died.

    This publication commemorates and celebrates the life of Rob Milne. It covers all facets of Rob Milne’s life and contains contributions by the people who have known him well and pay tribute to his life and his legacy. Rob Milne is survived by his wife Val and his two children Alex and Rosemary. After he died, his wife said in a radio interview: “Rob died at the top, doing what he loved.”

    Author(s): A. Bundy and S. Wilson, Editors

    Series: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 139

    Publisher: IOS Press, Year: 2006

    ISBN: 9781586036393,1-58603-639-4